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Fleet Insurance

Why Antur Insurance?

Whether you operate a small fleet of vehicles or are a major fleet operator we have solutions, from simple insurance programmes right through to self insured solutions.

We will advise and offer the best policy to suit your demands & needs and budget.

Apart from savings in premium, another major advantage of motor fleet Insurance with Antur is ease of administration. As it is only a single policy, accordingly there would only be only one renewal date to remember.

In all areas, we’re confident that our Fleet insurance cover compares favourably with any other currently available in the marketplace. We’re able to take an extensive view of the risk using information from a variety of sources, and the cover we provide remains under constant review


  • Fleets of 4 or more
  • Unlimited mileage policies (no radius restriction)
  • Replacement like for like vehicle for all non fault claims
  • Low cost public liability cover available

We will manage your insurance arrangements in a very personal way and we will help you in all aspects of your claims. Whichever insurer we use for your insurance, we guarantee that we will service your claims and keep you up to date with all developments.

We'll shop around for the right cover at a competitive price and we pride ourselves on our impartial advice, our great service and our fast turnaround. To find out more, please call 0845 676 9511.